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Konker Productions is a television and independent film company based in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California. Our organizational mission is simple; provide quality and socially connective projects, which provide a gateway to actors and models in the entertainment industry. In this multifaceted industry of entertainment, offering opportunities to inexperienced and veteran actors in the field is the objective of Konker Productions LLC.

The Konker productions LLC company encapsulates product placement, infomercials, modeling, talent representation, print and television advertising. It is our guarantee to present viewers and clients with the best products of entertainment and talent representation. Thank you for visiting Konker Productions LLC.

Browse our website for more information about Konker Productions LLC. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a production representative regarding our projects and talent agency services, please e-mail us at talent_submission@konkerproductions.com or call us at (415) 531-7914.

At Konker Productions, we want to create and provide opportunities to the flourishing Hollywood star.


It is our guarantee to present viewers and clients with
the best products of entertainment and talent representation.

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2012 & 2013 Short Film Projects

Funny Thing about Love

Picture four close friends, Friday night happy hours and wild conversations. Imagine the conversations; now picture you in the productions. Think of your closest friends talking over drinks about life, work and relationships. One thing comes to mind, drama, drama and more drama!

Mashed Together

A story about two lovers that on the surface seems to have everything the world has to offer, but do they really have everything? One has a destructive secret and the other desires something new, once revealed, will they be able to stay together? Can love be triumphant?

To Dance

A modern love story about sex, drug and revenge. Two lovers are brought together by one circumstance; death comes to us all. To dance with the devil, nothing is promised.

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Project Merchandise

All the merchandising on our website encompasses production projects, which cast and crew wear at promotions and televised events. Please review our selections and submit your order that helps in the support of the arts.

Contact us for more information on new projects and how you can get Konker Productions Merchandise!



Deluxe Grade T-shirts
Long and Short deluxe classic fitting (100% cotton)

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Wrinkle-Free Classic Poplin Shirt (55% cotton & 45% polyester)

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